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Welcome to Taylor Investment Services LLC

Taylor Investment Services LLC (henceforth referred to as "TIS" in this website) is a registered investment advisor. Founded in 1994, the firm offers equity portfolio management modeled on the family portfolio of Paul Taylor, the firm's founder. Please see the tabs on the left for more information, including a discussion of the firm's stock picking philosophy and consolidated performance record, with a full discussion of the firm's approach and business practices contained in the company's ADV. This website was updated as of Apr 2018.

In 2007, TIS LLC was profiled by the popular financial website "The Motley Fool". Please follow this link to see the article: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2007/08/28/lessons-from-a-lynch-disciple.aspx

Please note - TIS is not currently open to new clients. This website appears to work best using Firefox.