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Paul Taylor Biography:

I am the primary principal and owner of Taylor Investment Services. TIS is my sole occupation.

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University, I worked in the submarine department of Charleston Naval Shipyard. I was an auditor of complex and critical safety systems and the only division employee to attend a submarine sea-trial ride. When the shipyard was slated for closure, I decided to pursue a curious dual ambition to run my own money management firm while at the same time taking an active role in raising my three children. For more than six years I was likely the only "second shift" money manager in the country, but between children's naps, a father's morning out program, and weekends, I found ample time to develop a unique business. In fact, the majority of the assets that I manage are from capital appreciation. It helps that investing is my passion, with all "free" time devoted to the task.

TIS employs an engineer's approach to money management. With few skills in marketing and a rather unusual work schedule, my number one priority has always been on stock research. I have always been far more interested in performance - in the numbers - than presentation. In 1993 I authored a 100 page text entitled "Understanding No-Load Mutual Funds and Their Role In An Investment Portfolio", which I created, designed, and published specifically for a course of the same name. Over 250 people in my area have attended this course and in 1996 I began teaching a 10 hour stock class modeled after the teachings of Peter Lynch. My family and I appeared in Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, and my articles have been published in the local Post and Courier newspaper.

I am an active church member, a volunteer at various charitable endeavors, and served on the board of a church's Stewardship Committee for several years. I am married and have three wonderful children. My children all attend school so while my hours have normalized, my dedication has not. I will continue to strive for the best job possible for my clients.