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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions regarding TIS' practice:

What is the minimum investment to open an account?

Our investment minimum is $200,000 (subject to change).   The account can be funded with cash or securities, though TIS will generally liquidate all securities that do not meet current investment criteria.

How will I track the status of my account?

Account activity is readily viewable on a one-day delayed basis through TD Ameritrade Institutional's website. Clients receive trading confirmations and monthly statements from the brokerage firm. In addition, TIS provides performance reports on a quarterly basis and a client letter on at least a bi-annual basis. The performance reports contain an array of information, including your before-tax after-fee return on investment calculation.

Who is the custodian for my account?

TD Ameritrade Institutional Services serves as the custodian for your account. The account remains in the client's name. TIS obtains trading authority through a limited power of attorney and, with your approval, the ability to debit the account for our quarterly fee payments. Fee payments are not pre-paid.

How do I determine the suitability of TIS' approach for my account?

Please read the philosophy and report sections on this website. Accounts are based on Paul Taylor's personal account, which serves as the model for each client account.

How do I access my funds?

Clients can contact TIS for distributions at any time and periodic electronic distributions can be established.

What other services does TIS provide?

TIS' entire focus is on money management.